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Tax Planning & Preparation

Client Centered

Enrolled agents (EAs) are recognized as tax practitioners who both specialize in taxation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. These tax professionals have earned the privilege of representing tax payers before the IRS.

Tax preparation and planning for individuals, small businesses, estates and trusts

Effective tax preparation and planning can help you manage your future tax liability. Don is a tax professional who is tested and licensed with the U.S. Treasury. He maintains required IRS-approved tax training.

Representation before the IRS should an issue arise

Our experienced staff will work directly with the appropriate agency on your behalf if you receive a IRS notice or are being audited

Strategic planning to manage overall taxes paid

We are here year around; tax planning doesn’t end on April 15th. We are here to work with you year around in order to take advantage of strategies that can manage your tax obligation.

Bookkeeping / Accounting Services

Some services may require financial statements and records from a double-entry accounting system.  Such records need to be provided by the client via a third-party accountant or bookkeeper.  These services are not provided by AIM & Associates.


Offering Enrolled Agent and tax services is an outside endeavor Don is involved with separate and distinct from his role as a financial professional with Cetera Financial Specialists, LLC. These activities, products and services are not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Cetera Financial Specialists, LLC.

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